Quinta de Alaude
Maarten van Luyt


Worldwide experience in wine making

Maarten van Luyt built Quinta de Alaúde (Portuguese translated: “van Luyt farm”) in one of the most beautiful places in the UNESCO World Heritage area. It has a mighty view over the Douro valley. Here Maarten produces his LUYT wines made of native grapes from his own vineyard and some of his friend’s vineyards. The red and white “LUYT” Douro wines perfectly combine the characters of the old and new world wines in one bottle.


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Stay at the Winemaker

Please come and stay in one of the most beautiful places in the UNESCO World Heritage area of the Douro. A Stay at the Winemaker provides the ultimate experience to understand more about how people live and work in this fantastic port and wine region. Enjoy stories and experiences of a true local. Playfully learn everything there is to know about the way in which port and wine is made in the Douro. You are very welcome!

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LUYT History

Born in Lieshout (the Netherlands), outdoor life has always been in Maarten’s blood. While his brothers were busy with soccer, Maarten was taking care of planting trees. He converted his innate love for nature into a new existence at the beginning of this millennium. He left the Netherlands to become proficient in viticulture and winery.

Maarten then followed the wine seasons and traveled from the northern to the southern hemisphere for several years depending on the harvest times.

Learn more about his journey:


2004 Bordeaux – France (Chateau Giscours / Du Tertre)


2005 Central Valley – Chili (Caliterra Errázuriz / Mondavi)

2005 Toscany – Italy
(Caiarossa – bio dynamic)


2006 Wine tasting
(University of Adelaide – Australia)

2006 Toscany – Italy
(Caiarossa – bio dynamic)

2006 Burgenland – Austria
(Martin Pasler – desertwine)


2007 Marlborough – New Zealand

2007 till 2011 Douro – Portugal
(Quinta da Gricha – Churchills)

2009 - NOW

2009 Central Valley – Chili
(Santa Carolina)

2009 till now
Winemaker at LUYT wines

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