Viticulture & Oenology

The terraces along the Douro river home domestic grape varieties such as Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Roriz, Gouveio, Rabigato, Viosinho.

The slate soil guarantees a constant temperature. During the day, the sun warms up the slate, during the night the slate keeps the soil warm, which benefits the process from flower to grape.

Only during its first three years, the vines are allowed watering. Afterwards the vines are on their own, struggling/stressing to survive. Over the years, the root system penetrates the soil up to 15 meters deep in order to find water.

The warm climate and the dry soil make the vines grow slowly. Only occasionally the vines are sprayed to fight fungi and shoots are pruned down only once a year.

Making wine is a passion, and that is certainly true when it concerns LUYT wines. With care and knowledge, it’s all about wine. Using only the best grapes available in Portugal we produce by artisan methodology, supported by modern techniques, a Douro quality wine. Every year we endeavour for perfection.


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